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Nucleus High Technology CO, LTD has originated in June 2005. We combine the  automation- software, hardware and the active or passive components. We started offering quality service and professional innovation.  We supply IC, passive components (whole factory equipment of high, middle and low ceramic capacitor, NTC, PTC, VARISTOR, PCLY SWICH(SMD),LED,SMD,LTCC (High Frequency RF components ),Charge Coupled Device (CCD) and related products and automatic equipment. Further more, the comprehensive exploitation of new co-technology and automatic equipment.


  1. VARISTOR equipments of  production                   
       and detection .
  2. NTC.PTC   equipments of  production.
  3. SMD equipments for 
       production, detection and packing reel.
  4. PCLY SWICH equipment   for production 
      and detection.
  5. Related to electronic components  
      equipments of  production, detection and
  6. Equipments for co-exploitation .
  7. Co-exploitation of new technology and
      technical guidance service.
  8. Whole factory s equipment of high middle and low  
      ceramic capacitors.
  9. Variety of vibrating automatic feeder.
 10. LTCC communicate components , module
      testing machine.
  11.SMD type LED classify machine
  12.Variety of Oven
  13. CCD   1-6 aspects
  14. SMD IC final comprehensive packing
       reel inspection.

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